New Website!!

While I do hope to eventually add more to this blog, for now I’m going to focus all my efforts on my new site, It’s going to have a lot more information about nutrition and fitness, as well as a section about EMS information and whatever else I feel like writing about.

It’s still in the most basic, basic stages of development, but it should be ready to go fairly soon. Enjoy!


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Top 5 Reasons For and Against GMOs

If you’ve been even remotely paying attention over the last couple years, you’ve at least heard the term GMO thrown around. GMOs – genetically modified organisms – are largely an extension of Gregor Mendel’s experiments with hybridization and genetics (in which he bred variations within a species to produce specific results), albeit taken to a much further extreme. GMOs were introduced to the market in the early 1990s, and their use exploded in ’97-’99, at which point they found their way into about 2/3 of all US foods.

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Are You Fat Enough?? Part 1 of 2

If there’s one thing I hate about nutrition more than anything else, it’s that the word “fat” refers to both an essential nutrient and the fact that a person is overweight. First of all, it makes no sense – you wouldn’t look at a muscle bound guy and say he’s protein, would you?

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Guest Blog – How to Eat Healthy at a Restaurant

Everyone check out my guest blog on What Are My Kids Eating!

It’s a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time about how to decode menus and eat healthily at restaurants.

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How to Bulk Up (on a Budget)

Any professional trainer will tell you: bulking up is 10% exercise and 90% nutrition (or some other made up statistic). The main thing to remember is that if you want to get big, you need to eat A LOT. Your body needs to have some materials to work with, right?

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Small Sacrifices, Big Results

Why is exercising so hard? It’s a question most everyone has probably had at some point in their lives. And the answer is simple: because it sucks.

Setting up and sticking to a solid exercise regiment flies right in the face of everything humans normally do. For one thing, seeing results from working out is a very slow process. For most people, it can take weeks of regimenting before any changes are visible. Second, working out HURTS. Usually you want to AVOID pain, but if you’re hoping to change your body, you’ll have to change that mindset.

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MovNat: The Ultimate No-Gym Workout

Say what you will about the French, but one thing is certain: they know how to take fitness to the next level. Look at David Belle. Zinedine Zidane. Or Georges Hebert – a French naval officer in the Caribbean in 1902. Leaping into action when a volcanic eruption turned his chic, peaceful island into a modern day Pompeii, Hebert and his men had managed to save almost 700 people from the inferno. But the thousands that died left a permanent impression on his mind.

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