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Explosives are the new cardio

Want a fat-melting workout that you can do in your bedroom? Check out these explosive moves you can do whenever, wherever you want.* Advertisements

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Level Up! + 2STR +1END +1CON

Nervous about starting a routine? You just need more experience points. Studies have shown that the reason games like World of Warcraft are so popular is because they operate on a deeply psychological effort-reward system. The more you play, the … Continue reading

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HIIT – the next level of cardio training

Jogging around your neighborhood is a great way to keep fit and build up cardio endurance. It’s also a great exercise for beginners, since it’s easy to see improvements in endurance really quickly. The problem with jogging is that fat … Continue reading

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Playgrounds – not just for kids

I’ll start this blog off with my favorite out-of-the-gym workout spot – the local playground. Playgrounds are a great way to keep little kids active and getting exercise, and guess what? The same goes for you. While you won’t be … Continue reading

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Welcome to Slim Minus the Gym

If you’re anything like me, the thought of banging out 50 reps on bench and running on a treadmill watching ESPN for a half hour sounds about as exciting as spending the same amount of time watching C-SPAN. But if … Continue reading

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