Level Up! + 2STR +1END +1CON

Nervous about starting a routine? You just need more experience points.

Studies have shown that the reason games like World of Warcraft are so popular is because they operate on a deeply psychological effort-reward system. The more you play, the more powerful your character becomes and the more you are able to do. To keep people coming back, they make each level harder to attain than the last, creating even more of a sense of accomplishment per level.

workout level up

Randall Munroe had it exactly right.

Honestly, exercising is almost the exact same thing. You start out at level one, and after a couple weeks of grinding, you start to notice your first improvements – level two. Before long you’ll gain new capabilities, like increased speed and endurance, muscle strength, and, most importantly, confidence.

Quite often the thing that prevents many people from going to the gym is the fear that the more in shape people will judge them. And this is a common fear – even I tend to steer clear of people who are lifting noticeably more weight then me, because I think they will look down on me. The important thing to remember is that this idea is entirely in your head. No one goes to the gym to pwn noobs; in fact, most of the people lifting the heavier weights won’t even notice you because they are too absorbed in their workouts. If it bothers you that much, pop in your MP3 player and tune them out completely (by the way, if you’re into it, the Black Mages are great to work out to).

It’s difficult to start a routine if you’re worried that you’re not already in shape. And unfortunately, the first few weeks are always the toughest, but immediately after that (give it 4 – 6 weeks) you’ll start seeing the biggest gains. Just remember: +2 to STR, +5 to END. If you make it a game, working out becomes just as exciting as level grinding.

Just don’t expect your body to erupt into a golden light. That’s called the Rapture and at that point you probably don’t need to work out anymore.

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