Explosives are the new cardio

Want a fat-melting workout that you can do in your bedroom? Check out these explosive moves you can do whenever, wherever you want.*

Burpees – ok follow me on this one: Start out by jumping as high as you can. Land gently and crouch down, touching the ground with your palms. From here, extend your legs as far back as you can. Then bring them back to your crouched position, then jump up again. Do this fast, but don’t kill yourself – you’re not done yet. Start with 15 of these, or 20 if you’re not breathing hard yet.

Frog Push ups – after you finish your burpees, get into push up position for some frog push ups. These are tough to describe in words, so I’ll let this guy explain it to you:

Yeah yeah it looks super awkward, but you’re in your room, right? No one can see you. 10 of these.

Shadowboxing – pretty self-explanatory. Punch the air fast, and make sure you get your legs around by hopping and switching up your stance. Go as fast as you can for about 30 seconds. Just make sure you don’t punch so hard that you hurt your elbows.

Bicycles – Lie on your back with your head raised slightly above your shoulders, and your hand behind your head. Now, raise your legs and spin them around fast as if you were pedaling a bicycle (get it?). Do this for 30 seconds.

Squat jumps – lower yourself down into squat position (knees bent, back as straight as you can get) and then jump as high as you can get. I know this sounds like a burpee without the back jump, but the idea here isn’t speed so much as force – you want to get as much strength into each jump as you can. 10 -15 of these.

Clap Push ups – tired yet? One more. This one’s a classic: do a regular push up going down, but push up as explosively as possible, so that your hands come up off the floor. Clap them together, then get then back in position and do it again. Do as many of these as you can, shooting for around 8 – 10.

Explosive moves, like the ones above, are great for activating your fast-twitch muscles, which will help make your more agile in sports and other activities that require quick responses. Up the intensity as you get in better and better shape, and you’ll start seeing improvements in no time.

*natural statute of limitations applies here. We don’t want you busting out moves in line at Best Buy.

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