Small Sacrifices, Big Results

Why is exercising so hard? It’s a question most everyone has probably had at some point in their lives. And the answer is simple: because it sucks.

Setting up and sticking to a solid exercise regiment flies right in the face of everything humans normally do. For one thing, seeing results from working out is a very slow process. For most people, it can take weeks of regimenting before any changes are visible. Second, working out HURTS. Usually you want to AVOID pain, but if you’re hoping to change your body, you’ll have to change that mindset.

But fear not: you don’t have to be stuck where you are. You don’t need a strict “workout” plan to get yourself healthier. In fact, you’d be surprised about how many little changes you can make that will really start to add up.

Go easy on the meat

America is a meat addicted society. No question about it. For most people, a meal is not complete without some sort of meat. But studies have shown that going without for just one day a week can reduce your saturated fat consumption by about 15%! In addition, numerous studies have shown that if every American adopted one meatless day a week, it could cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20% over time. That’s more than if everyone started driving hybrid cars!

Don’t know what to cook? Check out for recipes so tasty you won’t even realize something’s missing.

Walk more

Looking for a primo parking spot at the mall? Pick the one that’s farthest from the door. One minute of walking burns 5 calories, and that spot is pretty much guaranteed to be free. At home, take 30 minutes out of your TV time for a walk around the block – the fresh air will feel much better than watching that rerun again.

Convert your dessert

Can’t finish dinner without a treat? That’s fine – provided you make good choices. Swap out your next ice cream cone with some frozen berries mixed in with non-fat yogurt. It’ll satisfy your craving for sweet deliciously without expanding your waistline.

Try to shop local

Even though it can be hard. This economy has been tough on everyone, and the one who’s feeling it the most is your local farmer. After all, why buy your apples at $2 a pound when you can get them for $.69? But ask yourself – what are you really getting? Are a few bucks worth the pesticides, herbicides, packaging, shipping, storing, and other hidden costs? Or would you rather find a guy selling you the fruit he picked this morning? The cost does add up, but if everyone helped out their local farmer out once or twice a month and you can bet the community will improve.

Involve the whole family in making dinner

Cooking for a family every night can be tough. But if once in a while you make it a group event that everyone can have fun with, you’ll see creativity flying off the walls and healthy meals flying off the stove.

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