Explosives are the new cardio

Want a fat-melting workout that you can do in your bedroom? Check out these explosive moves you can do whenever, wherever you want.*

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Level Up! + 2STR +1END +1CON

Nervous about starting a routine? You just need more experience points.

Studies have shown that the reason games like World of Warcraft are so popular is because they operate on a deeply psychological effort-reward system. The more you play, the more powerful your character becomes and the more you are able to do. To keep people coming back, they make each level harder to attain than the last, creating even more of a sense of accomplishment per level.

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HIIT – the next level of cardio training

Hussein Bolt, Olympic gold medalist

Won't be long before you look like this guy

Jogging around your neighborhood is a great way to keep fit and build up cardio endurance. It’s also a great exercise for beginners, since it’s easy to see improvements in endurance really quickly. The problem with jogging is that fat burning during jogging really doesn’t start until about a half hour into your workout. So when you’re ready to amp up your cardio routine, try working out the HIIT way.

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Playgrounds – not just for kids

playground workout

Every piece of playground equipment is designed to keep you moving

I’ll start this blog off with my favorite out-of-the-gym workout spot – the local playground. Playgrounds are a great way to keep little kids active and getting exercise, and guess what? The same goes for you. While you won’t be racing up the ladder and giggling all the way down the big slide (most likely), there are still countless ways for you to unleash your inner child in ways that will shape up your outer adult.

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Welcome to Slim Minus the Gym

If you’re anything like me, the thought of banging out 50 reps on bench and running on a treadmill watching ESPN for a half hour sounds about as exciting as spending the same amount of time watching C-SPAN. But if you hate being in the gym, how are you supposed to get in shape?

I didn’t know either until I read online about this amazing place called outside. There is literally no limit to the type of activity you can engage in – if you can imagine it, you can do it. I want to keep this blog as a way to introduce people to new forms of exercise that they can do in their backyards and around their hometowns. To keep things interesting I will throw in special features, such as interviews with fitness experts, healthy and delicious recipes, and Weekend Excursions, where I will talk about fitness adventures that are outside the norm.

So thank you for visiting this site and be on the lookout for more content in the coming weeks!

Nick Massa

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